PanelVoice: Decode the 'why'

Finding additional shoppers is the only sure way to grow. 9 out of 10 brands grow this way.


Our single source survey solution to uncover the people behind the trends

PanelVoice lets you reach out directly to the people behind your data to solve the riddles of your brand’s performance and open new doors for growth.
Our tracking data provides a wealth of insights, but we need to capture more information to really get to the heart of an issue.

PanelVoice goes further and lets you talk directly to panellists about their views. Understanding what shoppers think about your FMCG brand and category, and connecting that to a real purchase, can bring new insights to develop your brand strategy.


Find the shoppers who will fuel your growth

  • 100% accurate sample
  • Uncover fresh perspectives
  • Quantify the ‘why’
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